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"Why build with wood,
when you can build 9 times stronger with concrete"


The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene combined with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete makes NUDURA® walls stronger,safer,more comfortable and more energy-efficient than typical residential walls.In various tests, NUDURA® walls have met and,most often exceeded, statutory building codes.


NUDURA® offers more than simply a product to construct walls.We offer an innovative solution to those seeking more efficient buildings.Through the application of principles established by the various physical sciences,NUDURA® is improving both the process by which building materials are manufactured and the methods of applying these materials to construction.


Insulated Concrete Forms Are The Right Choice for your next home.

By using NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms to build your next home you can ensure you are choosing the best building solution available today. Insulated Concrete Forms provide Substantial benefits over traditional building methods.

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Make the Switch to NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms.

The NUDURA Integrated Building Technology system has been chosen by developers and contractors across the world as a proven building alternative to traditional building methods.

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NUDURA makes the design process with the NUDURA ICF System as easy and efficient as possible.

Today's buildings demand reliable, high thermal performance building envelopes that provide energy-efficiency, prevent heat loss, eliminate thermal bridging and provide safety and comfort over their operating lifetime.

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NUDURA RetroFit Insulation Technology is an easy–to-use insulation solution for Basement Wall Insulation or insulating interior or exterior block walls. Installation is fast and effortless, compared to conventional multi-step finishing methods; NUDURA RetroFit Insulation Technology can provide basement wall insulation while creating fastening points in one simple step.

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