Burmon Hurricane Anchors

Ontario ICF Supply Inc. is now distributing Burmon Hurricane Anchors.

Burmon Hurricane Anchors are the most efficient and effective residential roof truss tie-downs available, saving you time and money. The revolutionary anchor design (Canadian Patent Application no. 2956685) enables faster and easier roof truss tie-down than ordinary conventional connectors, while delivering a stronger tie down over the whole roof. Burmon combines its patented Hurricane Anchors with impact driver technology to deliver the most efficient and effective roof truss/rafter tie-down system available, saving time and money. Burmon Product Brochure (pdf)

Hurricane Anchor for Double Top Plate

Benefits of using Burmon Hurricane Anchors:

  • Code compliant
  • Designed to resist 96% of all global high wind events
  • No hand nailing required
  • Trusses screw fixed through nail plate
  • Hurricane Anchor fixed into place over ICF wall
  • Significant cost savings to total house build
  • Stronger faster connection
  • Anchors hold trusses in position making bracing easier and safer
  • No toe nailing required
  • Truss is placed inside the bracket and fixed using Burmon roofing screws. This finishes off the tie-down of the trusses eliminating the hassle of going back later to nail off connectors.
  • For wood sills, connectors screw directly into single or double top plates.

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